SXSW Day 2

Meat. Sauce. Brutality

I’m writing you today from behind my uncomfortably distended gut. Stubb’s BBQ took me DOWN. They have a family style all-you-can-eat deal. And I ate-all-I-can. Sausage, pulled pork, ribs, BRISKET MY GOD THE BRISKET. Plates of pickles, onions, and serrano peppers. Mac & Cheese, potato salad, killer baked beans. All with a thick slice of white bread just to cap it all off.

I ate….so much. And so fast. Really did myself in this time. Let’s just say I didn’t sleep much last night.

Last night’s gig was a party put on by Root Music, developers of Band Page, and it was also sponsored by Formspring (did you know IFD has a formspring page? I manage it/write all the smartass responses). The party was held at this building that used to be an auto shop, but they converted it into a real hip performance space.

One of the outside walls from the party.

Check out the stage/light/video setup they had going – pretty sweet. We gave the video operator a thumb drive laoded with the videos we usually play on our TVs and he basically VJ-ed them live, which made for a really cool effect.

The sound system was also state-of-the-art. I didn’t catch the brand names of the speakers, but it was a new line array design that apparently could be more effectively time/phase aligned, which resulted in a really clear full-range sound. The system was also LOADED with great subs, and my mic was right up by one of the stacks so I was feeling Chad’s kick and Hari’s bass all over. Kinda hot.

The projectors were specially set up to fire only onto the center sculpture, without any overhang. Sweet.

The set was really good musically (virtually no tech failures either!), and while the SXSW party vibe is much different than your typical rock show we had a good time. We’ve been hanging out the last couple of days with some folks from GREE, the company that co-sponsored Sunday’s party, and they came out to this party too. GREE is the largest social network in Japan, specializing in mobile games, and they’ve been a great connection to make, especially in our goal to some day get into Japan. Not to mention they’ve been pretty rad people to hang with, too. So from the networking standpoint that SXSW is really all about, this trip has definitely been a success.

There were also LED video-capable curtains, and boxy light panels on each side of the stage and throughout the room (not pictured)

Now the rest of IFD is on their way back home, and I’m staying at my buddy Mike’s place for the rest of the week. I’m free and easy until the Langford gigs pick up Thursday, so I’m looking forward to just going out and checking out some random shows.

And I still have some barbeque mistakes to work out. Think I’ll *try to eat vegetarian today.

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