SXSW Day 3

Not much to report today – much of it was spent getting to Mike’s place, writing yesterday’s blog post (ha!) and recovering from my BBQ binge. A couple things of interest:

1) Down the street from Mike’s place is a cluster of sweet vintage shops that all do clothes, furniture, etc. Every time I go into one I ask if they have a particular piece. It’s a ceramic kangaroo, with a pouch that’s designed to hold keys, change, or whatever. It’s something my dad always talked about and was on the lookout for, and even though I’d never seen one before (not even in a picture) I always ask if they have it. I did the same thing for my mom, except for her it was asking every record store if they had a copy of Spooky Two (which was a success, though I never actually gave her the record…)

So I did my routine at this one shop, and rather than the blank stare I usually get the guy said “yeah, the one in Pulp Fiction!” OHHHHHH RIGHT. It’s what Butch used to hold his watch! Then the dude immediately pulled up a picture of one from his Instagram. Turns out the shop had one for several months and it didn’t sell, and eventually the guy up and bought it from his own store. So alas, I didn’t actually score a kangaroo caddy, but now I know what to look for. There are some on eBay right now if you search “Pulp Fiction Kangaroo” but I’d still rather find one in person.


The visuals were intense. I took this picture at the worst possible time to prove it!

2) At night Mike and a couple of his buddies and I went to a party at an arts center downtown. The act we were there to see was Com Truise (you read that right), an electronic duo that calls itself “mid-fi synth-wave, slow-motion funk.” A pretty accurate description, actually. There was also an ’80s sci-fi element to their sounds that was pretty cool. I’d never really seen an electronic artist live, and while I generally hate on the electronic stuff I understand it a little better now.

Hearing the stuff at a way-over-the-top volume, with massive stacks of subwoofers that rattled both the pants and the nostrils, certainly helps. While electronic usually sounds like wallpaper when I hear it in the background, it’s a very physically exciting music at max volume. Made me kinda wish I had a chalice full of drugs and someone to dance on. I guess either of those could have been attainable at this party, but for one thing how do you even talk to anyone at a super-loud scene like that? “HEY GIRL I’M ON THE LOOKOUT FOR THIS CERAMIC KANGAROO THING HEY WHAT YOU DRINKIN ON?”

3) SXSW is a friggin’ carnival. Just humanity everywhere, what a mess – especially on 6th Street. Holy moly.

Alright, time to get my act together. Gonna try to catch Reggie Watts this afternoon, meet up with fellow Dirty Rook and Skull Orchard singer Tawny Newsome when she gets into town, and see where the street-roaming takes us.


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