I Can’t Say That I’ll Try…But I’ll Try To Try

Now that Warped Tour is upon us and I’ll actually be doing traveling and playing and fighting off lot lizards and not just sitting in front of my shitbox computer all day, I’m gonna try to try to get this blog going again.

I make no promises of continuity and thoroughness, and for all I know ShitBox 5000 will finally catch on fire at some point, but I’ll do my best to at least share the good stuff.

Posts might be more sporadic looking than my typically prosed-out, TL;DR style. If I can bear to not write that way.

Anyway, here’s the Sprinter’s cargo bay, MAXXXED OUT

There are so many more layers to this packing job than the outer one you see here. It’s like a half-ton Jenga of boxes and awkward cases and motorcycle helmets.

After packing I rolled over to my family’s old house, which is now surrounded by a chain-link fence and a demolition notice. Looks like by the time I come back from tour it will all be torn down. That’s not a surprise in the least, as that house is totally ShitBox 1956, but still. To actually inventory all the history in those walls, and to imagine those walls gone, is overwhelming.

But walking around the neighborhood and sitting by the creek at the end of the street, I finally had some time in relative silence to think. It’s been so long since suburban silence! Plus I figured this would be the last time I could truly be alone before I become a human sardine all summer.

I cleared my mind of all the city’s sirens, fireworks, screaming, honking, bangin’ club bass, and laughter. Focused on the sound of water, the frogs, the wind overhead. Had some conversations, worked out some things, and made a couple of very important realizations that I hope will guide me in the right direction for this tour and beyond.

Now I’m ready.

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