Show 1: Salt Lake City

It has been a week. (like in that tone of voice where you say “It has been a week.”)

The drive to SLC involved a stop in Omaha, a stop in Denver (to pick up Maddie the Merch Master), and then a pre-show check-in day in SLC. But enough about driving. So much driving.

We met and organized stuff with the stage managers today. I tell ya, working with seasoned festival pros is the best. Guys who really, really know what they’re doing, take real pride in their work, and who really care about running a smooth and kink-free operation. Plus they’re just cool and easygoing guys. Sure beats club tours where sometimes the sound guy just doesn’t even show up.

AND it turns out our friend Travis, who did monitors/tech/etc for Flobots (among tons of other big tours), is working on our stage all tour. So not only are these dudes great at their jobs, I’ve got someone working the stage that I already have a rapport with that I can talk to honestly without fear of Sound Guy Rage. Considering that because I run our in-ear monitor rig and splitter snake I have to work daily with sound guys and their rage, this is a huge relief.

The show itself was pretty damn good for a first day. Our set times will be different every day – today we had a great set time, right in the middle of the day (2:30) so kids weren’t yet burned out and were still up to get nutty. Nice mass jumping during Money, and a fair number of kids knew the songs and were into our new cover (Spokesman by Goldfinger), especially the modern updates Brian made to the dated lines in the lyrics.

We also sold an impressive amount of merch. SLC isn’t even a big market for us, so if that’s any indication of things to come then financially we’ll be in really good shape. Which is a huge load of concern off our shoulders. Touring is expensive.

Speaking of merchandise, we have a MASSIVE-ASS SHIT LOAD of it. 37 boxes of it at, picked up at the SLC UPS station. As of this morning there wasn’t even room in the Sprinter’s cargo bay for the luggage. We had to stack it all on the back bench and  (our backline gear travels in Warped’s semi trucks, so we drove out with the gear, loaded that onto the truck, and replaced it with the merch). Luckily we sold enough today that we could consolidate some boxes. But every day we’ll have to re-stock our daily merch bins and shuffle all the shipping boxes around. Literally, every day we’re shufflin’.

Gonna be sore as hell tomorrow. And for the next 50-some days.

Now we’re on the road BACK to Denver to play the next show. No hotel stop tonight, we’ll drive overnight and park near the venue to continue our van nap. But we have a niiiiice hotel tomorrow night, and 2 days to get to Vegas. Rather, 1 day to get to Vegas, and 1 day to party in Vegas…

All this rambling I feel like I haven’t ‘even scratched the surface of this whole experience so far.

Oh yeah, beautiful beautiful mountainous drive from Denver to SLC. Sadly most of our drives will be at night from now on so we’ll miss a lot of scenery. Oh well.

Oh I met some chickens!

Oh the catering is fantastic, I’ll eat better on tour than I have, like, ever!

Oh you’re still reading this? I’m sorry.

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3 thoughts on “Show 1: Salt Lake City

  1. WST

    gonna get crunk with jack & co? wish i could be there

  2. I will be reading this daily. So very jealous. But alas, I had a shower tonight – so we can’t have it all. Congrats on an awesome day 1!

  3. mrmightymyth


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