But I’m Running Behind

Jackson Browne is starting to make a lot more sense as I get older and log more and more touring miles.

It may be cliche and obvious to state this, but the Running On Empty album, top to bottom, might as well be every touring musician’s diary.

The thrills, the boredom, the cameraderie, the backstabbing, the lonely longing for that one more drink or that one more night with someone – it’s all there.

You know what, writing a tour blog is damn near redundant as long as this record exists. Just go listen to it (again) if you want to know how I’m feeling at any given time.

In many ways, touring these days is a lot less lonely (and boring!) now than it was in the ’70s. It’s so much easier to keep in touch with our lives back home, the people we meet in our travels, and the world in general. When we hit the road we don’t quite fall off the face of the earth like Browne et al did back then.

But even so, the absence is still very real, and Running On Empty will always matter.

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One thought on “But I’m Running Behind

  1. Pack ’em up and tear ’em down.

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