I’m sitting in the van, AC vents blasting my face. It’s FUCKING HOT in Phoenix.

Of course, now that I write that everyone will be all like “oh, wait till you get to Florida!” “dry heat dude, whatever,” or “my entire state is literally on fire right now,” but that attitude doesn’t really help me, or you.

The festival is at Camelback Ranch, where the White Sox and Dodgers do their spring training. Chad’s just walking around all day saying “FUCK THE WHITE SOX,” like anyone cares.

The two main stages are in the outfield, and all the other stages are tucked into little spots on the rest of the grounds. It’ll make every side stage area a little more cramped, but they’ll also feel more full than some of the more wide-open spaces we’ve played..

But the heat, good lord. No Walkabots today, for fear of passing out in the motorcycle helmets. Unloading the truck was a high-sweat endeavor – though now that I’ve got a pair of moving gloves it’s a whole lot easier, and I actually enjoy the workout. But I don’t even feel like standing in line for lunch or anything. We all agree an In-N-Out dinner is in order.

I’m just hoping I don’t get tons of sweat in my eyes on stage. Don’t want to be up there singing and crying, this isn’t THAT kind of show.

Oh, and Protomen are on the front page of TMZ right now. What a world.

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