Hi, and Yes

Chapter I – Hi

Oh, hi gentle reader!

I’m riding shotgun, just beginning our trip from Pomona to San Francisco. Bill’s driving first shift, and the radio’s off. With all the superhardcore music blasting in our faces for 10 hours a day, sometimes it’s nice to just listen to the wind through the windows. But not for too long.

California weather, man. Damn. The extra bit of humidity is definitely helping me get my voice back, but there’s still a ways to go.

Despite my continued hoarseness (and its accompanying emergency-falsetto singing style), today’s show really felt like it was happening. We’ve figured out solutions to the monitor drop-outs that severely plagued yesterday’s show, and everything on stage just felt super solid to me. Interestingly, Brian didn’t feel quite as good about it. But yesterday he felt great about the show that I thought was a bit of a mess. And that dude stands 8 feet to my right. Perception is everything.

Unfortunately the turnout for us wasn’t super huge, and quite a few kids in attendance left during our set, but that didn’t get me down today. We’ve been spoiled on other tours by playing for audiences that already know us, or at least are already tuned into the geeky side of us so we have extra leeway and holding power. When you play for so many new people like this tour you’re not gonna win ’em all, but I’d like to think with the show we put on today we’re sure to win the right ones.

Chapter II – Yes

Several years ago my friend John Geary emailed me this rant Dave Eggers wrote in 2000 on the concept of “selling out:”


I read it, and it floored me, then I read it again, and then I copy/pasted it into a Word document and now it resides on every computer I’ve owned ever since (all 2.5 of them!) so I can re-read it from time to time.

It’s kinda long, and gets into a bunch of different territory, and one or two people I’ve showed it to were actually angered by it, but there are some key passages that really made this rant so important for me:

“The thing is, I really like saying yes. I like new things, projects, plans, getting people together and doing something, trying something, even when it’s corny or stupid. I am not good at saying no. And I do not get along with people who say no. When you die, and it really could be this afternoon[…]you will not be happy about having said no. You will be kicking your ass about all the no’s you’ve said. No to that opportunity, or no to that trip to Nova Scotia or no to that night out, or no to that project or no to that person who wants to be naked with you but you worry about what your friends will say.

No is for wimps. No is for pussies. No is to live small and embittered, cherishing the opportunities you missed because they might have sent the wrong message.”

And later:

“I say yes, and Wayne Coyne says yes, and if that makes us the enemy, then good, good, good. We are evil people because we want to live and do things. We are on the wrong side because we should be home, calculating which move would be the least damaging to our downtown reputations. But I say yes because I am curious. I want to see things. I say yes when my high school friend tells me to come out because he’s hanging with Puffy. A real story, that. I say yes when Hollywood says they’ll give me enough money to publish a hundred different books, or send twenty kids through college. Saying no is so fucking boring.”

Yes got me where I am today. Literally. When some dude in Glenview named Brian Mazzaferri cold-called me in October 2007 looking for a drummer for his acoustic singer-songwriter project, I said yes, sight unseen (or rather, Myspace unheard).

I owe everything to Yes.

And I know so many brilliant people who wallow in the No pond, lazily spinning cop-outs that make them feel superior for wasting their potential. It bums me out.

At various times, including somewhat recently, I’ve gotten out of touch with Yes. Those times left me just shut in and watching time pass, aimless and angry, pale and pudgy.

But the night before we left for tour, sitting by the creek down the street from my to-be-demolished childhood home, I submitted a spiritual request to my Dad for advice, a message, just something that would get my head in the right place to handle all this upcoming intensity.

And a couple minutes later, through the leaves and the water and the last bit of relative silence I’ll experience all summer, the answer passed through my head in a phrase.

“Give More.”

And, by extension, Say Yes.

Electricity surged up my spine. It all turned around right there. Now every moment feels new again. Now every minor happenstance feels like a launching pad.

Yes just makes a lot of sense. Especially when it doesn’t.

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But I’m Running Behind

Jackson Browne is starting to make a lot more sense as I get older and log more and more touring miles.

It may be cliche and obvious to state this, but the Running On Empty album, top to bottom, might as well be every touring musician’s diary.

The thrills, the boredom, the cameraderie, the backstabbing, the lonely longing for that one more drink or that one more night with someone – it’s all there.

You know what, writing a tour blog is damn near redundant as long as this record exists. Just go listen to it (again) if you want to know how I’m feeling at any given time.

In many ways, touring these days is a lot less lonely (and boring!) now than it was in the ’70s. It’s so much easier to keep in touch with our lives back home, the people we meet in our travels, and the world in general. When we hit the road we don’t quite fall off the face of the earth like Browne et al did back then.

But even so, the absence is still very real, and Running On Empty will always matter.

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Denver, Forced Insomnia, Orders of Magnitude

Right now we’re heading down I-15 towards Vegas. I just swapped driver roles with Chad. Today’s a drive day, tomorrow’s a party day, Wednesday’s show day.

About half of the Denver>Vegas drive is the same as the Denver>SLC drive, which is quite beautiful. And much of the second half is just as great. I insisted we pull off to a viewing area to take in these amazing canyons and mesas. It turned into a bit of a photo op. Brian’s not wearing sleeves today, in an attempt to even out his farmer’s tan…by sitting inside a van sleeveless all day? Sure.

J.J. is on board for the next 5ish days. Having J.J. around just makes everything rule way harder.

Anyway, we played Denver Rock City yesterday.

The overnight drive back from SLC was a bitch. I didn’t get any sleep until the last couple hours of the drive when I got to steal the back bench. So all day I was totally hazed out. We all were.

But Denver is our best/favorite place to play outside of Chicago, so we were still juiced up. But when we get in front of a Denver crowd, there’s no choice but to get juiced.

The crowd was fantastic, and quite large. There seemed to be a real appreciation for the song choices and musical arrangement details we worked into the set beyond just “Geeks,” which is our radio hit out there. Very exciting to see kids into everything, not just “the single.”

We were all just destroyed by the end of the fest last night. Didn’t stop us from having a bit of a pool party at the hotel, though. Showering definitely provided a crucial eighth wind.

Oh, and Superfan Audrey dropped off a rockin’ tour care package, which contains all kinds of supplies for partying, recovering, and surviving. Way, way rad. Will come quite in handy over this Vegas stint. Thanks, Audrey!


Despite how well the set went over, it was still pretty stressful on stage at times.

In the morning Travis suggested that we change our in-ear-monitoring setup for this tour.

Our current setup uses a 24-channel splitter snake, a Mackie 1604 VLZ board, and a few cheap compressors. That’s great for club tours, where the system is different every day and we can maintain a consistent mix despite all the vagaries of playing different venues. It requires a little extra work during setup just to get the lines patched into our spliter (and our splitter outputs into theirs), but once everything’s patched correctly it eliminates any work on the venue’s end to run our monitors.

ANYWAY, this being a tightly-run festival tour, that extra patching work eats into precious setup time in the middle of the day. And while we use with a mixer we got for $250 on Craigslist, Travis is mixing every other band’s monitors on his fully-loaded Avid Venue digital console that costs about $25,000.

So, by skipping our splitter and patching directly into Travis’s rig we save a ton of time setting up. Rather than patching 16 channels into a few different boxes (with a high chance of screwing something up every time) we just hook 5 of the Venue’s outputs directly into our in-ear transmitters. And being a digital board, our individual mixes are saved and can be recalled every day. Plus we get the much higher sound quality of a system that’s literally 100 times more expensive (and that means it’s 100 times better, right? Actually, yeah it does).

SO ANYWAY THE STRESS PART. The only problem with this beautiful setup is, we didn’t have much time to set up all-new mixes with Travis before our set. That means we weren’t quite hearing everything in the same way we’re all used to. And as various adjustments were being made throughout the set sometimes we’d lose certain channels, or in Chad’s case the entire mix…

But now that we’ve got basic mixes set up, the worst of it is behind us. Now our ears will be sounding consistently great, and our already-efficient setup process will be even faster.


Oh, one more thing. Our friend Suge, who on the 2010 tour did guitar tech for 3OH3/Cobra and crucially helped us out in several pinches, is teching for The Used on this tour. He showed up at our stage yesterday right before our set, I thought just to check us out, but he ended up being a MASSIVE help getting through those rough patches. He was communicating Chad’s needs over to Travis, holding up our scrims (on-stage banners) when the wind was threatening to knock them over, and even taping Bill’s power pad down when it started to slide around. All without any obligation or anything from us. The guy just rules the school.

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Show 1: Salt Lake City

It has been a week. (like in that tone of voice where you say “It has been a week.”)

The drive to SLC involved a stop in Omaha, a stop in Denver (to pick up Maddie the Merch Master), and then a pre-show check-in day in SLC. But enough about driving. So much driving.

We met and organized stuff with the stage managers today. I tell ya, working with seasoned festival pros is the best. Guys who really, really know what they’re doing, take real pride in their work, and who really care about running a smooth and kink-free operation. Plus they’re just cool and easygoing guys. Sure beats club tours where sometimes the sound guy just doesn’t even show up.

AND it turns out our friend Travis, who did monitors/tech/etc for Flobots (among tons of other big tours), is working on our stage all tour. So not only are these dudes great at their jobs, I’ve got someone working the stage that I already have a rapport with that I can talk to honestly without fear of Sound Guy Rage. Considering that because I run our in-ear monitor rig and splitter snake I have to work daily with sound guys and their rage, this is a huge relief.

The show itself was pretty damn good for a first day. Our set times will be different every day – today we had a great set time, right in the middle of the day (2:30) so kids weren’t yet burned out and were still up to get nutty. Nice mass jumping during Money, and a fair number of kids knew the songs and were into our new cover (Spokesman by Goldfinger), especially the modern updates Brian made to the dated lines in the lyrics.

We also sold an impressive amount of merch. SLC isn’t even a big market for us, so if that’s any indication of things to come then financially we’ll be in really good shape. Which is a huge load of concern off our shoulders. Touring is expensive.

Speaking of merchandise, we have a MASSIVE-ASS SHIT LOAD of it. 37 boxes of it at, picked up at the SLC UPS station. As of this morning there wasn’t even room in the Sprinter’s cargo bay for the luggage. We had to stack it all on the back bench and  (our backline gear travels in Warped’s semi trucks, so we drove out with the gear, loaded that onto the truck, and replaced it with the merch). Luckily we sold enough today that we could consolidate some boxes. But every day we’ll have to re-stock our daily merch bins and shuffle all the shipping boxes around. Literally, every day we’re shufflin’.

Gonna be sore as hell tomorrow. And for the next 50-some days.

Now we’re on the road BACK to Denver to play the next show. No hotel stop tonight, we’ll drive overnight and park near the venue to continue our van nap. But we have a niiiiice hotel tomorrow night, and 2 days to get to Vegas. Rather, 1 day to get to Vegas, and 1 day to party in Vegas…

All this rambling I feel like I haven’t ‘even scratched the surface of this whole experience so far.

Oh yeah, beautiful beautiful mountainous drive from Denver to SLC. Sadly most of our drives will be at night from now on so we’ll miss a lot of scenery. Oh well.

Oh I met some chickens!

Oh the catering is fantastic, I’ll eat better on tour than I have, like, ever!

Oh you’re still reading this? I’m sorry.

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I Can’t Say That I’ll Try…But I’ll Try To Try

Now that Warped Tour is upon us and I’ll actually be doing traveling and playing and fighting off lot lizards and not just sitting in front of my shitbox computer all day, I’m gonna try to try to get this blog going again.

I make no promises of continuity and thoroughness, and for all I know ShitBox 5000 will finally catch on fire at some point, but I’ll do my best to at least share the good stuff.

Posts might be more sporadic looking than my typically prosed-out, TL;DR style. If I can bear to not write that way.

Anyway, here’s the Sprinter’s cargo bay, MAXXXED OUT

There are so many more layers to this packing job than the outer one you see here. It’s like a half-ton Jenga of boxes and awkward cases and motorcycle helmets.

After packing I rolled over to my family’s old house, which is now surrounded by a chain-link fence and a demolition notice. Looks like by the time I come back from tour it will all be torn down. That’s not a surprise in the least, as that house is totally ShitBox 1956, but still. To actually inventory all the history in those walls, and to imagine those walls gone, is overwhelming.

But walking around the neighborhood and sitting by the creek at the end of the street, I finally had some time in relative silence to think. It’s been so long since suburban silence! Plus I figured this would be the last time I could truly be alone before I become a human sardine all summer.

I cleared my mind of all the city’s sirens, fireworks, screaming, honking, bangin’ club bass, and laughter. Focused on the sound of water, the frogs, the wind overhead. Had some conversations, worked out some things, and made a couple of very important realizations that I hope will guide me in the right direction for this tour and beyond.

Now I’m ready.

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SXSW Day 4


I saw so much great music yesterday it’s stupid.

After getting lunch at Titaya’s, a fantastic Thai place (and not just because it’s called Titaya’s and I get to write the word Titaya’s in my blog Titaya’s), Mike and I headed downtown to catch Reggie Watts. The venue, Flamingo Cantina, is a fairly small reggae club, where the stage is about as big as the dance floor and the Red Stripes are as big as your head. Seriously, I didn’t know they even made those big-ass Red Stripe bottles. Yes I had one, are you kidding?

But ANYWAY we got there on the early side figuring there would be a huge line getting in and it turns out that wasn’t a problem at all. Crowds were filtering in and out as each band would finish so we just walked right in. Caught a band called Hooray For Earth, who did a pretty cool mix of spacey psychedelia with a harder edge and the occasional dance groove. The singer had a set of pedals for his microphone and he would pitch shift his voice up an octave for some beautiful soaring lines that sounded more like some kind of whistle. And at one point during a drum breakdown he tilted his mic towards the kit and hit the delay pedal for some live dub sounds. Very cool.

Reggie setting up. We wondered what kind of sweater he'd be rocking, and he did not disappoint.

So, Reggie Watts. Dude TURNED THE PLACE OUT. He’s a nasty beatboxer, and the sounds he was making kicked really hard in the PA. He’s a master of the Line6 DL4 delay/looper, taking that pedal’s capabilities to the absolute limit. He was clicking the footswitches with his hands faster than should be humanly possible, using the looper more like a sampler at times to throw in quick hits and drops.

He was also f’n hilarious. Not just goofball funny with the voices and accents, but really thoughtful stuff too. Also, I’m pretty sure about 80% of his set is improvised…but I really couldn’t tell where the written songs ended and the riffing started. This review is doing him no justice, so I should just stop here. Dude kicked ass, is all I’m saying.

After some running around I was heading to the convention center to pick up my official SXSW wristband (thanks, Bloodshot Records!) and I ran into none other than Adam Mormolstein, who told me Punch Brothers were playing in the evening. That’s all the persuading I needed, as I’ve been dying to see them live. Turns out the event was the Warner Sound showcase, which featured 7 acts. And every single one of them KILLED. Quick run-down, in order:

  • LP: Freaky little Dylan-looking kid with a folky backing band and hands-down the highest range I’ve ever heard from a dude. It would’ve sounded annoying if it wasn’t so damn impressive.
  • PunchBrothers: Amazingly tight, beautifully arranged pieces. The banjo player especially blew me away. It was my first time seeing Chris Thile live, and he gave off a vibe that seemed like he might be kind of a dick.
  • Ed Sheeran: Most of the set he just seemed like just another t-shirt-wearing bro with a looper pedal, but for his last song he cranked out a really insane 10-minute jam (featuring 4 broken strings and some seriously impressive British-white-boy-rapping) that had the whole place blowing up and won me over. This bro got a pass.
  • Kimbra: You may know her from her duet with Gotye on Somebody That I Used To Know (112 million views, holy hell), but on her own she’s a pretty freaky pop singer with a suuuuuper tuff band. She was excellent, killer voice, though a lot of credit for the set’s ass-kickingness does go to the band.
  • Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.: These guys were great, totally blew away my expectations. Fun songs, hit really hard, with bubble machines and giant wooden JRs loaded with light bulbs that flashed in time. They were mostly in the psych-pop world, but they dropped in a fonky cover of I Wanna Dance With Somebody that really slammed.
  • Dr. John: Dude, it’s Dr. John. You know. Though I will say that the old-funky-jamming-dudes vibe kinda felt like a downer after the young, cliffhanging, we-have-to-prove-ourselves energy of the 5 previous acts.
  • Gary Clark Jr.: By 1 AM our ears were blown out (I forgot my molded ear plugs DAMMIT) and our feat were thrice their normal size, so we could only stay for one song. Dude’s got the Hendrix thing down, it wasn’t all that original but still sounded great. I would’ve loved to stay but I just physically couldn’t do it anymore.

So basically I saw about 8 hours of fantastic music yesterday. I can get used to this.

Off to rehearse with Jon and Skull Orchard (for the first time!), and play 2 sets – one at 4:15, and one at 1 AM – let’s hope I don’t get too drunk before the 2nd one.

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SXSW Day 3

Not much to report today – much of it was spent getting to Mike’s place, writing yesterday’s blog post (ha!) and recovering from my BBQ binge. A couple things of interest:

1) Down the street from Mike’s place is a cluster of sweet vintage shops that all do clothes, furniture, etc. Every time I go into one I ask if they have a particular piece. It’s a ceramic kangaroo, with a pouch that’s designed to hold keys, change, or whatever. It’s something my dad always talked about and was on the lookout for, and even though I’d never seen one before (not even in a picture) I always ask if they have it. I did the same thing for my mom, except for her it was asking every record store if they had a copy of Spooky Two (which was a success, though I never actually gave her the record…)

So I did my routine at this one shop, and rather than the blank stare I usually get the guy said “yeah, the one in Pulp Fiction!” OHHHHHH RIGHT. It’s what Butch used to hold his watch! Then the dude immediately pulled up a picture of one from his Instagram. Turns out the shop had one for several months and it didn’t sell, and eventually the guy up and bought it from his own store. So alas, I didn’t actually score a kangaroo caddy, but now I know what to look for. There are some on eBay right now if you search “Pulp Fiction Kangaroo” but I’d still rather find one in person.


The visuals were intense. I took this picture at the worst possible time to prove it!

2) At night Mike and a couple of his buddies and I went to a party at an arts center downtown. The act we were there to see was Com Truise (you read that right), an electronic duo that calls itself “mid-fi synth-wave, slow-motion funk.” A pretty accurate description, actually. There was also an ’80s sci-fi element to their sounds that was pretty cool. I’d never really seen an electronic artist live, and while I generally hate on the electronic stuff I understand it a little better now.

Hearing the stuff at a way-over-the-top volume, with massive stacks of subwoofers that rattled both the pants and the nostrils, certainly helps. While electronic usually sounds like wallpaper when I hear it in the background, it’s a very physically exciting music at max volume. Made me kinda wish I had a chalice full of drugs and someone to dance on. I guess either of those could have been attainable at this party, but for one thing how do you even talk to anyone at a super-loud scene like that? “HEY GIRL I’M ON THE LOOKOUT FOR THIS CERAMIC KANGAROO THING HEY WHAT YOU DRINKIN ON?”

3) SXSW is a friggin’ carnival. Just humanity everywhere, what a mess – especially on 6th Street. Holy moly.

Alright, time to get my act together. Gonna try to catch Reggie Watts this afternoon, meet up with fellow Dirty Rook and Skull Orchard singer Tawny Newsome when she gets into town, and see where the street-roaming takes us.


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SXSW Day 2

Meat. Sauce. Brutality

I’m writing you today from behind my uncomfortably distended gut. Stubb’s BBQ took me DOWN. They have a family style all-you-can-eat deal. And I ate-all-I-can. Sausage, pulled pork, ribs, BRISKET MY GOD THE BRISKET. Plates of pickles, onions, and serrano peppers. Mac & Cheese, potato salad, killer baked beans. All with a thick slice of white bread just to cap it all off.

I ate….so much. And so fast. Really did myself in this time. Let’s just say I didn’t sleep much last night.

Last night’s gig was a party put on by Root Music, developers of Band Page, and it was also sponsored by Formspring (did you know IFD has a formspring page? I manage it/write all the smartass responses). The party was held at this building that used to be an auto shop, but they converted it into a real hip performance space.

One of the outside walls from the party.

Check out the stage/light/video setup they had going – pretty sweet. We gave the video operator a thumb drive laoded with the videos we usually play on our TVs and he basically VJ-ed them live, which made for a really cool effect.

The sound system was also state-of-the-art. I didn’t catch the brand names of the speakers, but it was a new line array design that apparently could be more effectively time/phase aligned, which resulted in a really clear full-range sound. The system was also LOADED with great subs, and my mic was right up by one of the stacks so I was feeling Chad’s kick and Hari’s bass all over. Kinda hot.

The projectors were specially set up to fire only onto the center sculpture, without any overhang. Sweet.

The set was really good musically (virtually no tech failures either!), and while the SXSW party vibe is much different than your typical rock show we had a good time. We’ve been hanging out the last couple of days with some folks from GREE, the company that co-sponsored Sunday’s party, and they came out to this party too. GREE is the largest social network in Japan, specializing in mobile games, and they’ve been a great connection to make, especially in our goal to some day get into Japan. Not to mention they’ve been pretty rad people to hang with, too. So from the networking standpoint that SXSW is really all about, this trip has definitely been a success.

There were also LED video-capable curtains, and boxy light panels on each side of the stage and throughout the room (not pictured)

Now the rest of IFD is on their way back home, and I’m staying at my buddy Mike’s place for the rest of the week. I’m free and easy until the Langford gigs pick up Thursday, so I’m looking forward to just going out and checking out some random shows.

And I still have some barbeque mistakes to work out. Think I’ll *try to eat vegetarian today.

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Mobile App Test – Peggle!


Just downloaded the WordPress Android app. The new Sprinter van has an Xbox on it. We don’t have any games yet so we’ve been playing the Peggle demo. NON STOP.

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Welcome/SXSW Day 1

Howdy, and welcome to my new blog! I’m gonna give the tour/gig journal thing a shot, and try to document my experiences on the road, in the studio, and elsewhere. Ideally this will be a place I can spam out whenever I please, without the guilt or annoyance of blowing up my friends’ facebook news feeds etc. But I’ll probably just end up linking to every post on facebook anyway…ah well.

This thing may not even get off the ground, who knows…I’ll consider it an experiment in the meantime.

WELL LET’S GET STARTED! IFD is here in Austin to play a couple of SXSW-related shows. We played a party yesterday (more on that later) and have another one later today. The rest of the band heads back home tomorrow, but I’m sticking around until next Tuesday. Later in the week I’m playing bass for the most excellent Jon Langford and Skull Orchard, one of his 34 concurrent bands. I’ve only been to Austin once (to watch Gremlins at the Alamo Draft House with MC Chris) and even spending just one night here was a rad time.

Setting up the stage

Yesterday’s show was part of the “Power Up!” party, sponsored by Gree (a Japan-based mobile gaming company) and Alternative Press magazine (who featured us in their “bands to watch” edition last year). The party was set up along the side of the beautiful Palmer Center, where the ‘Screen Burn Arcade’ event, a pretty huge gaming convention, was happening inside. Austin’s recently crappy weather streak broke just as we were pulling in, and it became a beautiful day for a show.

FOH and Monitors utilized these Soundcraft digital boards, which I hadn't seen before. Slick design.

The show itself was shaky at times. We had some tech issues right from the outset (Chad’s wireless pack had a dead battery, Bill’s keyboard was losing connection at times, holding up the start of a couple things), and the party atmosphere had a much different dynamic than a dedicated show, but I think we did fine all things considered.

Oh yeah…during the opening DJ’s set I had to check on something with the FOH sound guy. I ran back to the tent, and lo and behold dude was sleeping on the console. Upon being awoken (with a really awkward ‘hey man…?’) his eyes were BLAZED. I can only hope we sounded okay…

Motion City Soundtrack

Motion City Soundtrack were the headliners here. I haven’t listened to them much, but they are an excellent band. Super tight, great sounds, and while I’m no pop punk connoisseur I really dig the songwriting. Justin’s voice was right on – he’s got a high range that cuts through but it doesn’t have that whiny quality that turns me off from a lot of pop punk type stuff. We hung out with them afterwards and they were great guys, too.

Speaking of hanging out – we all went out to this Hawaii-themed bar (complete with outdoor beach volleyball court!) and, just as we were starting to wrap up, some dude went sprinting out the front door. Apparently this dude was trying to drink-and-dash. Everyone in the place ran out to the parking lot, where dude was trying to drive out (poor drink-dash technique if you ask me). People were standing in front of the car, banging on the hood and windows, and the car was pretty much stuck. Eventually one of the bartenders ran up, jumped on the hood, and gave the windshield a BRUTAL stomp. Pretty much spider-webbed the whole glass. I guess that was punishment enough, as the crowd got out of the way enough for the car to pull out. Crazy….so we got the hell out of there and that was essentially the end of the night.

Austin's beautiful skyline, captured on my awful phone camera.

I’ll try to stay up on my gigs and criminal activity sightings throughout the week so stay tuned!

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